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The Old-New Cardio Workout

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What’s up with Tony, he never does cardio anymore, why not??  If you know my training style you will never do a long, drawn out cardio session ever again.  I have been asking clients to try intervals for over 15 years where you sprint~jog~sprint~walk etc. so as to stimulate both our Anaerobic and Aerobic systems.  If you only do long, slow and boring cardio like sitting on a bike or an elliptical or whatever class you’re taking you’re missing the boat!

Fruit…Good or Not So Good?

Hey you health and fitness stars!!

One of my top 3 frequently asked questions:  ”Is Fruit Good or Bad For You?”

Just a little juice tip first for those of you who consume juice on a regular basis.

Remember, your juice may seem to be healthy but you are stripping the fruit of its fiber content and not the sugar from the fruit.

This study is one of the studies that I just pulled up and finished reading which I would like to share with you.

The Perfect & Easy Snack!

How do you soft, medium or hard boil an egg perfectly?  Simple, just follow these steps and choose how you like your egg to determine the consistency of the yolk:

1. Put the desired number of eggs in a pot (I always put 3-6 for easy to pick snacks for a few days)

2. Cover the eggs with water

3. Put the pot to boil on stovetop

4. Keep an eye on the boiling, when the water starts to boil choose and set your best timer for

Soft-Boiled Eggs = 6 minutes

Medium-Boiled Eggs = 7 minutes

Why Do I Drink Ice Water You Ask?

Hi {!firstname_fix}!
I trust your health and fitness goals are as strong as ever!!
Lately I have been researching and reading a lot about how I can
take advantage of my own personal resources and desire to stay
lean and muscular all year long.
Many people who follow me on my blog
have come to know that I follow a Paleolithic~Style Precision Nutrition
This “way” of eating definitely has helped me to stay lean the past
few years and will continue by virtue of the underpinning ideology
and science behind the methods.
There are IF (Intermittent Fasting) days, overeating, undereating,
nutrition-timing, hidden keys that unlock your innate potential
to keep burning fat all day long…….but then there are some not
so hidden but actually buried deep secrets that you really need to
understand and one of them is how “Cold” affects the process of
Thermogenesis and the calorie burning effect.
Many years ago I spoke with a research scientist at the University
of Toronto where I attended school for my undergrad degeree, and
he told me…….. “you know, if you just drank one glass of colder
water upon rising in the morning you would spike your metabolism
by upwards of 30% compared to simply going about your morning….”
This stuck in my head and I kept up that habit for the past 20 years now.
It is also known that cooler water is absorbed through the stomach
lining fairly quickly whereas warmer or room temperature does not.
As for the “small-bladder” syndrome where people tell me I have to
urinate just minutes after drinking so I cannot and don’t drink too
Well, if the typical stomach can handle 1/2 cup of water in a given
30 minute period and you’re one of those people that has no water
for 6 hours then tends to chug, chug, chug (reminiscent of University
days) your bladder will be overflowing in an instant.  Instead, take
your time and sip, sip, sip throughout the day!  That’s what I do and
I can consume upwards of 2L/day.
That is my first glass of water for the day…..but what I didn’t know was
how powerful drinking a couple more glasses of ice water during the
day would be to an already speedy metabolism.  Everywhere I look,
wherever I read, all researchers are saying the same thing…”your body
must warm itself back up to its normal temperature after consuming a
cold glass of water…..which will take calories (energy) to accomplish.
So this is what I have been doing two to three times per day and sharing
with everybody who wants to listen.
Another important point we must uncover is that the body has two
main types of fat, White Adipose Tissue (WAT), and Brown Adipose
Tissue (BAT).  It is the BAT that is stimulated by cold temperatures
to burn fat and glucose as heat.  Supposedly the younger you are
the higher percentage of BAT you carry but you still carry BAT as an
adult mainly in the upper back, neck, and chest areas.  This is the
second deep secret I wish to uncover and have been experimenting
with colder showers and contrast baths and showers as well.
I hope you feel inclined to try these couple of tips and now unburied
secrets which I have been researching and experimenting with for the
past couple of years.
Best of health, fitness and life!!

Hi there Fellow Fitness Enthusiast!!

Neat InfoGraphic Explaining Carbs Make Us Fat

Click on this to get to a one-page graphic that will succinctly explain when you eat carbs your body will become fatter.

Eating Carbs Will Make You Fat!!

For Your Outstanding Health!!

Tony D’Assisi

Watch This Highly Informative Mini 7-Part Series

Check out Dr. Lustig’s latest informative mini-series on Obesity:

BAD BAD BAD Sugar~Fructose

Click this link
to check out my latest favorite video……..kinda long so pace yourselves!


Weight Loss and Sugar Loaded Drinks

Hi All,

Everyone who knows The Life Wellness Approach knows I never advocate much other than water and a couple of dairy alternatives like rice milk and almond milk unsweetened.  Here is a great report I feel you can benefit from that relates to healthy options and sugar-loaded drinks, even if they are named “Vitamin Water”.

Beverage Consumption a Bigger Factor in Weight

Health and Fitness and BP Fishoil??

You need to check this out and understand the parody is not meant to minimize what is going on in the world but rather to point out the deceptions and denial tactics BP is using…..

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The Life Wellness Coach

Top Foods You Should Consider Eating!

If you want to continue having a goal in life and base it on healthy eating then follow this simple rule…… these foods often with the other healthy choices you are making:

1. Salmon

2. Spinach and Kale

3. Eggs (whole)

4. EFA’s like flaxseed oil

5. Cinnamon and other spices like Curcumin

Do this and watch how much better you can feel in 30 days.

Tony D.